After this monumental acquisition of one of the cities’ most beautiful worship facilities and campus, the entire “Ebenezer” family is now mobilized to effect the transition and retrofit of the new church. Brother Brian Coston was placed as point person for the move and subsequent facilities manager in the new location. Bishop insisted that the 920 E. Fulton Street property be in excellent presentation for “Harvestime Ministries.” “Ebenezer” left its Fulton Street facility bringing only the Hammond Organ. Bishop wanted the motorcade led by Sister Dorothy Wilson to arrive at our new praying ground with a new day, a new season and a new renovation.

This wonderful church had to become in the ensuing months a home for our congregation and a Cathedral for the Full Gospel Baptist Churches of our City.

Rooms were assigned and leaders and auxiliaries took possession; each responsible for furniture and the attending refurbishment. The Deacons, the Ministers, the Choirs, Clerk, Secretaries under the leadership of Deacon John Combs, Rev. Clinnard Gammon, Sister Cheryl Jackson, Sister Dorothy Wilson, Evangelist Loretta Mack, Evangelist Patricia Watkins, Sister Victoria Forrest, Sister Valerie Howard, Sister Ella Harris, Sister Jill Walker and last but not least the Dickerson family from their own love and treasury beautified the West wing including the construction of the Bishop’s Office and Reflectory. The East wing with its fellowship hall and kitchen required less attention but Brother Johnny and Sister Phyllis Beckwith restored sheen and brilliance to that inviting area.

Upon entering the portico that opens to the Narthex of “Ebenezer Church” invitation is given to the beautiful sanctuary that is the center of the house. The sanctuary mahogany doors open to the noticeable fragrance of the ceiling made of cedar wood that is supported firmly with cedar arches that together provide a permanent odor and perfume that reflects the prayers of the entering saints. The eye cast upward embraces two horizontal cedar columns that become the border between the ceiling and the stained glass windows which depict to the studied observer the life of our Savior from advent to ascension. As one moves forward on the plush pile carpeting woven in a blue color that bespeaks of heaven on ones left and right are oak pews that hold the worshipper with strength and power. Continuing forward, “Ebenezer” found the altar and furnishings of another tradition which was not conducive to the worship and music of a Baptist Cathedral. The split chancel was reconfigured reflecting a single choir loft preceding the centered cross which speaks from the garden, stonework, and brick facing. Medallions were hung, a choral banister was erected, the pulpit lectern placed in the center of the chancel with the pulpit area accommodating four clerical chairs beside the purple bordered Bishop’s throne at its center.

As you may suspect, nothing about the retrofit was done without excellence. Within months of acquisition the good people of the “Ebenezer Baptist Church” worshipped in its home with all of the elements of comfort and care. Our older saints had no need to climb, our students have a library and classrooms our choirs have retreat and accommodation, our musicians have a place for rehearsal and repertoire, our ministers have a place of contemplation, our deacons and eldership can caucus and pray, our chefs and cooks have two kitchens, our administration has four offices, our infants have a nursery, our young people have six acres of manicured grounds, our congregation has a circular driveway that opens to a spacious parking lot, our saints can be sheltered from the elements as they motor under the canopy and our community has the spiral of the cupola of the “Ebenezer Church and Cathedral” built of brick and stone to let them know without fail that God is in their midst.

To our Bishop and his loving heart we would again like to thank him for time, energy, effort and monies given and owed for bringing us to this great great place.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that the members of the anniversary ministry salute and pay tribute to our beloved Bishop who with God’s guiding hand has led us to the new season in our lives as a people and a church. To God be the Glory!

Presented By The Bishop’s Anniversary Ministry of Ebenezer Baptist Church


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