The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International is a fellowship of churches and individuals representing various denominations or organizations (originally from an African-American Baptist background) that accepts the operation of spiritual gifts (the charismata) in the church today, in reaction to the teachings of many Baptist bodies.

A 'spiritual gifts' movement beginning around 1992, led by a National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. pastor, now Bishop Paul S. Morton, originally drew from among all the National Baptist Conventions (called the big four) and resulted in the formation of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. The first Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1994.

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About Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

 The birth of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International is in essence the story of a tremendous move of God beginning in the last decade of the twentieth century. Since 1994, when over twenty-five thousand people attended the first Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Conference in the Louisiana Superdome, the spiritual religious freedom that makes Full Gospel Baptist unique has impacted Christian men and women across the world.

Captured by the phrase "The Right to Choose", that freedom is based on the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be promoted by recognizing the free expression of the gifts of the Spirit as a viable part of the Body of Christ. The Fellowship is convinced that the choice to exercise these spiritual gifts is imperative for the local New Testament Church to fully function as the dynamic organism God has intended.

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