Returning Home

After serving successfully at the South Hills Baptist Church and establishing the finest music department in the city, under the direction of Miss Debbie Moncrief, Mr. Donald Gibson and Pastor Samuel Madden, and having established the “Dickerson Mass Choir” and the “Triumphant Choir” sadness fell at the Ebenezer Baptist Church Columbus, Ohio with the passing of Rev. L. C. Brown.

It was then on a June day in 1993 that the unthinkable occurred. Not only was Dr. Michael Dickerson asked to return to his hometown - but was asked to take the middle chair of Ebenezer.

Dr. Dickerson began the work of enlarging the life of the great “Ebenezer Baptist Church”.

Calling upon the life and legacy of his sainted heroes Deacon Samuel Madison, Deacon Raymond Walker, Deacon Tommie Pace, Deacon Otis Thomas, Rev Landis Brown, Jr., Trustee Carey Peaks, Mother Gordon, Mother Emma Jean Reed, Hannah Gammon, Annie Edwards, Bernice Jones, Doris Brown, Constance Ebron and Christine Price, we name but a few of the ancient fathers and mothers Dr. Dickerson enlisted in his God breathed effort to increase the “Ebenezer Baptist Church”. Please note last but not least were his sainted parents Willie and Louise Dickerson who even now share in the glory of their dear son.

Dr. Michael Dickerson took every care to assess the needs of his home church. After determining its indebtedness Dr. Dickerson began a spiritual and fiscal renewal. Ebenezer lays claim to one of this nation’s great preachers and scholars. It is evident in the life of his people his keen grasp of scripture and Bible knowledge. Preaching is key to the life of our Pastor and he preaches with power and scholarship. It was his heart to lift the debt from the saints and he felt as one of his faithful joys the burning of the mortgage at 920 E. Fulton Street. Excellence is absolute with our Pastor and it is with this mindset that he satisfied a mortgage, increased financial harvest, refurbished the sanctuary with paint and carpeting, added a new organ, office equipment, new roof, security fence, chairs, tables, and air conditioning units, as well as the development of the church “Doctrine and Government Manual”, the purchasing of a keyboard, installation of a computer system mentioning here only some of his many accomplishments.

After five years of discharging his ministry to great effect Bishop Paul S. Morton, the presiding Bishop of “Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International” appointed our Pastor as a member of the College of Bishops and Presiding Bishop and Establishmentarian of Full Gospel Baptist Churches in West Virginia. The saints of Ebenezer traveled proudly to the city of Miami, Florida in 1998 where 10,000 people witnessed this great elevation. With Mother Louise Dickerson at his side, Dr. Michael A. Dickerson an orphaned son from Switchback West, Virginia became that state’s presiding Bishop which included churches in Fairmont, Bluefield, Charleston, Dunbar, Beckley, Clarksburg, Huntington and also Oakley and Ebenezer churches in Columbus, Ohio.

As a Prince of the Church our Bishop never neglected his congregation. However, given the enlarging fellowship, the incline of the steps to the lower level along with limited restroom availability his pursuit of a new location became a priority. In fact, based upon the need for an improved facility that would make comfortable the life of our older saints Bishop resigned his commission as jurisdictional Bishop to serve the pursuit of a new church.

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