The “Ebenezer Baptist Church” family was formed in the year 1913 by a group of people with a common purpose united in fellowship one with the other and “Ebenezer Baptist Church”, the “Stone of Help” was birthed.


As the writer has been informed, the first place of meeting was in a storefront on Gift Street in the city of Columbus, Ohio.  History was not kind enough to provide a document of all the leadership, however, over a period of time a more permanent location at the corner of Sandusky and Grubb Streets was secured and those who have been noted as the fifth, sixth, and seventh Pastors leading the “Ebenezer Baptist Church” fellowship were men named Gray, Stevenson and Brown.


During the late forties or early fifties, a tragic fire destroyed the “Ebenezer” home at Sandusky and Grubb Street, but the saints would not be deterred.  Rental of space on the near West side of Columbus at the Burnside Heights School kept the fellowship together.


Over the next several years the “Ebenezer” family would continue to worship in the school house until the year 1958 when the late Pastor L.C. Brown proudly led the congregation to another edifice located at 86 S. Ohio Avenue where they would continue to worship and grow.


In February of 1986 the Ebenezer family paraded from 86 S. Ohio Avenue to 920 E. Fulton Street where they were to hold their initial service in yet another home.  Years of great joy were shared with the people of “Ebenezer Baptist Church” at the Fulton Street location.


Under the vision and direction of Bishop Michael A. Dickerson, on October 15, 2008, the “Ebenezer” family moved to its current location at 4500 Refugee Rd.


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Burnside Heights

Late 1940s or early 1950s - 1958 (a fire destroyed the previous worship center and church records).

86 South Ohio Avenue


920 East Fulton Street


4500 Refugee Road

(2008 -- Present)

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